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I “met” Ana through Instagram a little over a year ago. Her profile really caught my eye because of her consistent, educational, fun, posts. We DMed here and there over the past year and a few months ago, talked for the first time over video chat.

As I expected, Ana was professional, knowledgeable, and intelligent. Since she had a large social media following, I wasn’t sure whether she would have a big ego, but luckily, she didn’t. Ana was so kind, humble, and very passionate about helping people learn about UX.

Ana’s background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Design and a Masters in Neuropsychology for Education. She previously worked for Google in Portugal, collaborating with teams over Spain and Dublin. She is also a Springboard IXD Mentor and has freelanced for many agencies over the course of her career. …

Donald Burlock Jr is a Creative Technologist at Capital One. I stumbled upon his portfolio online a few months ago and was so impressed that I reached out to him to see if he would be interested in doing an interview.

After meeting through video chat, he agreed to participate and it turned out to be perfect timing, because Donald was close to launching his new book called Superhuman by Design, which is launching before the end of the year! …

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Alexandria grew up in Los Angeles and is biracial: Black & Asian. She has a BA from UPenn where she double majored in Graphic Design and Communication.

Alexandria has been working in design for almost 8 years. Before joining Spotify, she freelanced for a variety of brands and agencies including Google, Clear, Interbrand, and Everyday Health.

You can find Alexandria on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Dribbble. Her website is

If you have any questions relating to this interview or want to say hi, feel free to DM me on Instagram or reach out on LinkedIn!

How did you get into product design?
My university didn’t offer any classes in UX at the time, so it wasn’t a field I initially considered going into. I worked as a graphic and web designer at the beginning of my design career. Then after two years, I decided to try freelancing full-time as a way to get exposure to different types of design work and industries and to learn as much as I could. While working with a range of companies — from start-ups to agencies to a big corporation — I found a passion for UX and technology. I loved freelancing because it gave me the freedom to choose my projects and clients, and I was eventually able to focus on assignments that would help me develop my skills in product design. …

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Kunal Patel is a friend of mine from Google. He was born in Queens, New York and grew up in Long Island; he is smart, eloquent, down to earth, funny, and always well dressed.

Kunal has a Bachelor’s in Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University and an MFA in Design in Technology from Parsons in New York. Before joining Google, he started his career in architecture at a small firm in NYC. After graduating Parsons, Kunal joined Huge in Brooklyn and worked on the UX team for 3 and a half years. After that, he moved to a startup called “Contently” where he worked as a UX designer turned Product Manager. …

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Kathleen and I met for the first time over video chat after having a conversation on LinkedIn. She is kind, thoughtful, and passionate about design.

Kathleen was born in Seoul, Korea and lived there until the end of first grade. She later moved to New Jersey and went to college at the University of Pittsburgh, where she was a psychology major with a fine arts minor.

Before joining Spotify, Kathleen worked at an agency called SJR and freelanced with different clients.

She currently lives in Brooklyn with her two rabbits Jubi and Leo. You can find Kathleen on LinkedIn and Instagram and you can also follow her rabbits @kathleensbabies.

Talia is my friend from The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). We met during a collaborative learning class designing bottles for Coca Cola. She is extremely talented, ambitious, and a free thinker.

Talia grew up in Lima, Peru where she began her studies in the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. She then transferred to SCAD where she earned a degree in Industrial Design with two minors in interaction design, and service design. She has worked at AKQA, R/GA, and is currently a designer on the Google Ads team.

Talia works out of San Francisco and is temporarily relocating to Miami. …

Ali is my friend from college. We went to SCAD together and met during a collaborative learning class designing bottles for Coca Cola. He never ceases to have me on the floor laughing with his quick witted sense of humor. And despite all his accomplishments, Ali is one of the most humble people I’ve ever met.

Ali grew up in Pakistan; he’s a Fulbright alumnus and has an MFA in Industrial Design from SCAD and a BFA in Visual Communication Design. In 2015, he won the Outstanding Achievement Award at SCAD.

Some of his most recent talks include:
“The Business of Design”, at UX Pakistan — Lahore, Pakistan (2020), and “Research-Driven Design in Pakistan”, at the Design Foundation Inauguration — Lahore, Pakistan (2019). …

Savanna and I worked together in Dallas. She is one of those people who is not only down to earth, funny, and cool, but also extremely talented, articulate and competent. To this day, I haven’t met a person who doesn’t like her.

Savanna is originally from Fort Worth, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and currently lives in Seattle, WA with her plants, who she has not killed “so far 🤞”.

She is a huge fan of hiking and snowshoeing, and finds any reason to get out in nature. …

Steven was my manager in 2015 when I worked at Dialexa, a Dallas based technology, research, design, and creation firm. He is also one of the smartest, kindest, funniest people I know.

Steven grew up in Oklahoma and has an Associates Degree from the Art Institute of Dallas. Before joining Dialexa, he was a designer for Toni&Guy, and worked as a freelance beauty, fashion, and dance photographer. Steven also co-founded a mobile payments product with Ray Hernandez that Mark Cuban invested in.

Steven currently lives with his wife, 5 year old son, 75 year old mother, and his 13 year old dog in Dallas, Texas. …

Yibo Dai is from Shenyang, China and currently lives in San Francisco. She has a B.S. Industrial Engineering from Tsinghua University and M.S. Human-centered Design & Engineering from University of Washington. Before working for Google, she interned at Apple. You can follow Yibo on Zhihu.

If you have any questions relating to this interview or are interested in being interviewed, feel free to DM me on Instagram or reach out on LinkedIn.

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How did you get into design and UX?
I was applying for grad school in 2013, and I wasn’t sure if engineering should continue to be my thing. One day I happened to read an article about UX, and it suddenly echoed with my passion — a discipline at the intersection of design, engineering, and psychology. …


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